Layover Art is the brainchild of Amanda Kandawire, a multi-faceted talent hailing from Soweto, South Africa, now making her mark in Dubai. As a self-taught Digital Illustrator, Airline Pilot, and Entrepreneur, Amanda embodies creativity, resilience, and a passion for exploration. Her brands, Layover Art and Buyiswa, established in 2020, reflect her diverse interests and artistic vision.

With a cockpit as her canvas and the Airbus A380 as her stage, Amanda navigates the skies as a First Officer, bringing a unique perspective to her artistry. Rooted in themes of life, joy, and humanity, her creations serve as powerful affirmations of self-appreciation, size-acceptance, beauty, dreams, love, and mental health.

Each piece by Amanda is infused with her personal journey, inviting viewers to connect on a deeper level and find inspiration in their own lives. Whether soaring through the clouds or crafting intricate digital illustrations, Amanda's work resonates with authenticity and warmth. Explore her portfolio and discover the beauty of Amanda's artistic expression.